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Beep, Beep!
Here Comes
The MedicareBus™!


Beep, Beep!


MedicareBus™ - Enrollment On Wheels

Designed to reach the Ohio Medicare Eligible population and increase education, explanation and enrollment for Medicare healthcare programs.  These plans include Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplements (Medi-gap) and Medicare Prescription Drug coverage 

(Part D or PDP).

About the Enrollment Process
The MedicareBus™ is equipped with multiple workstations and will be staffed by licensed insurance agents certified by the Medicare plans they represent.
These agents will help explain the options available in your county or state.

For a fortified discussion on the bus and in order to complete enrollment, bring a list of your current doctors, a list of  the medications you are taking (with doses and milligrams) as well as your Medicare card if you have it.  

Just get on the MedicareBus™  or book here if you require a home appointment:  https://medicareoh.com/book-now 

Have a question? Call 614-802-7302 

Individuals will have the opportunity to book a future appointment at Medicare Resource Center or in a location of their choosing if enrollment cannot be completed on the bus.


MedicareBus™ Enrollment On Wheels

Agents on board!


Beep, Beep! Here comes the MedicareBus™! 

Meet with an agent on board and check  "Medicare Plan" off of your to do list. 

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Understand your Medicare options. 

Meet with local Medicare Brokers, understand Medicare Part B, Part C and Part D.

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